Community Resources

The NFPD has three initial attack engines, a brush truck and a Forest Service tanker capable of offloading 16,000 gallons of water anywhere in the district. The town of Norwood has local hydrant hookups. 

We have two full-time paramedics, 17 certified EMTs, and two frontline advanced life support ambulances conducting regular patient transports to regional hospitals. We have a back-up ambulance station in nearby Redvale, and a helicopter landing zone at the Uncompahgre Medical Clinic in town.

Fire prevention and medical training are critical priorities. Qualified members teach classes year-round including CPR, basic and advanced first aid, home safety and fire extinguisher training, and the popular “Learn Not to Burn” program in our schools. 

Our Wildland team stands ready for contract firefighting assignments, and our full-time Wildland Coordinator conducts defensible space assessments, property mitigations, tree cutting, forest thinning, controlled burn assistance and other services. In addition to these resources, here are some useful links: